The showroom of Lalchnd Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. Is, perhaps, only one of its kinds that transcends the borders of regionalism and offers the finest collection of jewellery from across the country and abroad. Contemporary, yet rooted in tradition, the showroom transformed the conventional concept of a jewellery store with an area split into three floors displaying more than 13,000 collections of ornaments with more than 100 sales staff in attendance.

Apart from jewellery, the showroom also houses some of the best international-brand designer watches for both men and women. Aesthetically finished, the outlet not only creates the perfect ambience, but has also distinguished itself with its range of products, purity standards and excellent customer relations.

The exceptional ability to develop roots and branch out fruitfully has been the way of life for the Hans family. It was way back in 1948, when Sunjoy’s father Late Lalchnd Hans and his brother started a canteen and a tailoring shop. With the passage of more than a decade, the canteen prospered tremendously and the tailoring shop too became famous. So much so that the area was known and developed as the "Master Canteen", bearing testimony to the goodwill and grit of an industrious businessman who set the ball rolling.

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Sunjoy’s quest for establishing his venture ended when he and his better half, Anvita decided to start a gift shop in the Lalchnd Market Complex in 1989. But the idea of a gift shop gave way to a silver shop in its place. With a meagre initial investment mostly in silver filigree works, Sunjoy made his first foray into the jewellery business. "It was just by fluke that we got interested in silver jewellery, though neither of us had the slightest inkling about this business or the metal", he recollects.

Though his shop did average business in the next couple of years, it was beneficial in the sense that Sunjoy’s restless spirit was picking all the tricks of the trade. "I learnt everything that I could about the gold business, starting from soldering of ornaments myself to testing the quality of gold". Despite the training, the years did make a slight dent at Sunjoy’s spirit and enthusiasm. "We were just next door to established jewellers who had more than 50 years of experience behind them. While they used to boast of 3-4 rows of customers, I had only a couple of them in mine and it was slightly demoralizing", he notes. However, disappointment soon turned into resilience and Sunjoy resolved to have those multiple rows of customers in his showroom instead. Since the Oriya market was conservative as far as gold designs were concerned, Sunjoy introduced a wide variety of gold jewellery – both contemporary and traditional – after acquiring varied designs from other states, which gave the customers an abundance of range. Lalchnd Jewellers were the first ones to introduce KDM gold jewellery of 22 Carat in Orissa.

Besides getting exclusive designs Sunjoy started participating in trade fairs and venturing into exporting gold jewellery to Dubai. However, the presence of established Indian jewelers in Dubai and the post Ayodhya episode led to the closure of his export business. "I decided to put in everything that I had and we improvised tremendously on our designs and gradually people realized that we offered quality gold jewellery in the best of designs", says Sunjoy.

Thus in between1993 to 1998, the 200 sq ft showroom was expanded almost every year and as a result was fashioned the Continent’s biggest 25,000 sq ft jewellery showroom. Growth, feels Sunjoy is the process of trial and error. "The so-called ‘failed’ experiments are as much as part of the process as the experiment that ultimately works", he opines wisely.

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